First Round Results

The guns have stopped firing, the swords have stopped hacking, the chads have stopped hanging and the votes have been counted! Click here to find out the results for the first round of the Rex Factor play-offs – who is into the semi-finals and who has been consigned to history?

In this episode, we reveal the results of the first round group stages. There are three groups, each containing six monarchs, from which the top three in each group go through to the semi-finals. The ranking is determined by the votes received from the three electoral colleges: Ali, Graham, and the rest of the world. The three in each group who score the most combined points will go through to the semi-finals and the rest will be consigned to history once more.

We also reveal the draw for the semi-finals as the nine successful monarchs from the first round must recharge their batteries and prepare to do battleyness once again for a place in the final.

4 thoughts on “First Round Results

  1. Just got back from another walk on a (thankfully) deserted beach where I listen to your podcasts. Thankfully deserted because you two make me laugh so much. I loved how you described the way Elizabeth caught up and overtook in the last 5 hours – I pictured her either hitching up her voluminous skirts and completely surprising the rest of the field with her turn of speed or, alternatively, she was hiding wheels under said skirts and so had not run out of puff.

    I’m thrilled that we’ve lost Richard but disappointed that William the Conquerer and Cnut have gone. I know Richard was technically more English but he never liked Britain while the other two liked it so much they conquered it and responded (very) intensely to anyone who tried to take it back.

    Unless there was more than one, I was the person who left the scream on Group B. I normally subscribe to Terry Pratchett’s beliefs about multiple exclamation marks but felt that if there was ever a time when their use was warranted it was then.

  2. Still not sure who I want to win as every contender has their faults so looking forward to the next round of podcasts and to being persuaded who to vote for.

  3. Two of my top three made it so I’m mostly content. I never thought the Penguin had much of a chance. I think G. M. Trevelyan summed him up very well by saying William `never sought the love of contemporaries or of posterity, and he has not obtained it; but he sought their welfare and freedom, and these he achieved.’

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