Semi-Final A – Vote Now!

With the first round now complete, we move into the Semi-Finals of the Rex Factor play-offs. Semi-Final A could prove to be one of the most keenly fought battles with the top seed, Henry II, up against two of the most iconic monarchs in Henry VIII and Queen Victoria. Read on for more information about the three contenders and how you can influence the outcome!

The play-offs operate under a three college electoral system – Graham is one college, Ali is another college and you, the rest of the world, are the third college. Things get tougher in the semi-finals, though, as now you can only vote for ONE monarch, so have a listen to our podcast episode, have a good think about who you want to go through to the Grand Final and then cast your vote in the link below:

Click here to take the survey now.

Listen to this episode

6 thoughts on “Semi-Final A – Vote Now!

  1. I surprised myself by backing Henry II, and not just because I’m still hoping Henry VIII can be beaten. I warmed to Henry II this time around. The Becket saga counts against him to some extent, but then the more I learn about that the more I come to the conclusion they were both as bad as each other. The Victorian age is of enduring interest to me, but Victoria did not really play all that big a part. She spent several years refusing to do her job and seems to have treated her children cruelly, even by Upper Class Victorian standards. Great leaders may have to be cruel sometimes, but it appears that Victoria’s children were often treated badly not to fit them better for their roles in life but simply because of her own selfishness.

    • Yes, we didn’t really focus on that but Victoria would not have been in the running for mum of the year by any stretch! I think the biographical format probably suited Henry II more than the first. round.

  2. This is my favorite podcast. I have listened to every episode. My favorite line: “that hospital is rubbish.”

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