Semi-Final Results

The battle to reach the grand final has been hard fought but now the day of reckoning is upon us. Alfred the Great, Athelstan, Henry II, Edward I, Edward III, Henry V, Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, Victoria: nine monarchs, but only three will make it through to the final. To find out the results, watch the video or click for the stats but beware – spoilers!

The three semi-finals have been decided on the basis of three electoral colleges – Graham, Ali and the rest of the world (we think proportionately that’s about fair) – and the monarch with the most points will win their semi-final and progress to the Grand Final.

So, the results…

* Semi-Final A: Victoria and Henry VIII both finished with 5 points but Victoria comes ahead of Henry VIII due to receiving more votes from the public.

So, this means that the final will consist of Alfred the Great, Henry II and Elizabeth I – stay tuned for Grand Final and the last chance to cast your vote in the Rex Factor play-offs and crown the Rex Factor Champion!

12 thoughts on “Semi-Final Results

  1. Hi guys,
    It’s going to be a real shame when Rex Factor finally comes to an end. I’m sure you both have another pod cast up your sleeve though and if so, I for one can’t wait :).
    I’ve always enjoyed the history of Britain and especially monarchs so this podcast has been a joy to listen to! I now genuinely don’t mind who wins in the end! You’ve made good cases for all the finalists!
    Thanks Ali and Graham
    Kind regards

    • Thanks James, glad you’ve been enjoying Rex Factor and good that you’re guaranteed not to be too disappointed by the outcome! We do have future plans so there will definitely be something else to come once this series has come to a close.

  2. This is unexpected! Coming into the playoffs I was pushing for Henry V and Henry II. Now as I think this through, I am riding Alfred the Great to the end. We all stand on the shoulders of giants. Alfred set the foundation. He defeated Vikings.

    • Hi Timothy – yes, very interesting set of results! Sounds like they’ve worked out pretty well for you – one of your original favourites is through alongside your new favourite!

  3. I wanted Athelstan to win the whole thing but, as he only narrowly missed out to Elizabeth and my other two are through, I suppose that I should be satisfied. Very pleased that neither Henry V nor Henry VIII got through – that would have been a travesty against good governance.

  4. Nothing against Ali, but I am pleased that Edward I lost, as among his other negatives, he expelled the Jews from England and he stole the Stone of Scone from the Scots. At least a small Jewish community made it back during Cromwell’s rule, although the Stone was only restored in 1996.

      • I can say it too!!! I couldn’t choose between the Edwards so I voted for the third guy… EXTREMELY happy we’ve seen the back of Henry VIII – well, not literally, as seeing the back of him literally would not make anybody happy…

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