Ask us Anything! (within reason)

In October, we’ll be starting a new series of Rex Factor, reviewing all the kings and queens of Scotland from Kenneth MacAlpin to James VI. Before we move our gaze north of the border, however, we’ll be recording a special retrospective podcast looking back at the first series. To avoid this descending into an hour of Ali talking about Edward I’s Welsh castles, we would like you to send in your questions for us to answer.

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Hints on Association Football, 1934

In a break from our usual royal historical fare, I thought I’d take advantage of the gap between podcast series to take a look at something completely different – (association) football. I inherited some cigarette cards from a grandfather who sadly died earlier this year which provide a charming insight into the tactics and appearance of football from a very different era. With the 2014-15 Premier League starting this weekend, what lessons could Mourinho, Wenger, Pellegrini and Van Gaal learn from eighty years ago?

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The Grand Final Results

After four years of podcasting, we have finally come to the end of the series and are ready to reveal your favourite royal dynasty and to crown the Rex Factor champion. Alfred the Great, Henry II and Elizabeth I were the three finalists and the winner was decided entirely by the public vote. Read on to find out who will forever wear the Rex Factor crown…

[Warning: Spoilers!]

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