The Grand Final Results

After four years of podcasting, we have finally come to the end of the series and are ready to reveal your favourite royal dynasty and to crown the Rex Factor champion. Alfred the Great, Henry II and Elizabeth I were the three finalists and the winner was decided entirely by the public vote. Read on to find out who will forever wear the Rex Factor crown…

[Warning: Spoilers!]

Dynasty (not the programme)

Throughout the play-off period, we ran a survey asking people to select their favourite royal dynasty. There was some controversy around the non-inclusion of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (a one-man dynasty) and the separation of the Yorkists and Lancastrians from the larger Plantagenet dynasty, but nevertheless, here is how you voted:

The results of the Dynasty survey

The results of the Dynasty survey

So, a pretty impressive victory for the Plantagenets. Probably deserved given that this was the longest-ruling dynasty not to mention containing four Rex Factor winners (would have been 6 with Lancaster and York) and the height of medieval England. However, perhaps the surprise of the survey was seeing the Saxons pip the Tudors into second place – probably the least known monarchs prior to the podcast, it’s great to see the lesser-heralded monarchs have won some new admirers. And it’s not as if the Tudors don’t get enough love from historians the rest of the time!

Rex Factor Champion

We reviewed all the kings and queens of England from Alfred the Great to Elizabeth II, we identified 18 who deserved the Rex Factor, but only one could be crowned the Rex Factor champion. Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of Rex Factor, the champion of champions, is…


Rex Factor Play-Offs.011

Congratulations to Henry II, the Rex Factor champion! Not one of the most famous names in English royal history, perhaps, but he was the top scoring monarch in the podcast when we did the individual reviews of each monarch and he was also the run-away winner with the public, getting just over half of the vote and over 100 votes more than Alfred or Elizabeth. As for second place, it proved a very close run thing with Elizabeth just edging Alfred by one vote.

And that, as they say, is that! Thank you so much to everybody who voted in the play-offs and for listening throughout the four years that we have been doing the podcast, it wouldn’t be what it is without all the great comments we get from you all. However, while this may be the end of this series it is NOT the end of Rex Factor! We shall return to the world of podcasting in September/October when we begin a new series reviewing all the kings and queens of Scotland from Kenneth MacAlpin to James VI. After four years, we should have a fair idea about what we’re doing now and we’re really looking forward to getting stuck into Scottish history and some new characters, so do stick with us!

In the meantime, there will be more blogs on this website and we’ll still be active on Facebook, Twitter and email, so please continue to get in touch with us on our various social media.


9 thoughts on “The Grand Final Results

  1. I’m a couple of years late to Rex Factor so still in the process of catching up but your episode on Edward VII had me so interested in learning more about him that I just finished an excellent biography on him called “The Heir Apparent” by Jane Ridley. If I hadn’t heard your podcast on him then I probably would have kept thinking of Edward as some lazy playboy prince of no consequence but my perspective and respect for him has greatly increased. I can’t admire the adultery though but he had a much better work ethic than I had realized. I highly recommend this book and would like to finish this comment by saying that out of all of the Rex Factor-rated English monarchs that Edward was the most surprising by far to learn about. After all of Victoria’s disparaging letters about how awful her son was, I’m sure she’d be just as shocked to know that Edward’s funeral received far more mourners in attendance than hers!

    • Hi Tamara, thanks for getting in touch, we really enjoyed Edward VII as well. I’m assuming that The Heir Apparent is a newer edition of the biography by Jane Ridley that I’ve got (just called Bertie) but yes, it’s a great book, main source for the podcast episode. As you say, after all the criticism he got from his mother (and indeed the press/public) he turned out to be a rather good and very popular monarch. It’s a shame he didn’t have very long to be king – as we said, ultimately he didn’t really hang around long enough to do enough to get the Rex Factor from us (poor old George V ended up with a whole host of problems in his reign that Bertie missed out on!) but a great character and a good reign. When I get a chance, I’m looking forward to reading Stephen Clarke’s book Dirty Bertie about his exploits in France (scandalous and diplomatic).

      • Thanks for the reply and the book recommendation! Keep up the great work with the podcast!

  2. Hello Rex’s a while since I have listened in, and I was reading about K B McFarlane and his famous quote that henry Vth was ‘The greatest man that ever ruled England’, and I thought of you. Great, result; I mean, great result. I mean, wrong ( clearly Alfred the Great should have won), but none the less, an intelligent choice. And really good to see the Saxons so high up there and the Tudors NOT at the top of the list. good idea to do the Scots – now there’s a story. “For, as long as but a hundred of us remain alive, never will we on any conditions be brought under English rule. It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom – for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself.” Whoa…

    • Thanks David, it’s interesting what the response has been to the final result – quite a few people have said that they were backing someone else but that they could understand why the vote went as it did! Very much looking forward to getting to moments like that in Scottish Rex Factor…

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  4. So excited for the new series and to be able to listen from the very beginning this time. I didn’t find you guys until you were about to review Elizabeth II and had to go into the archives to listen to everyone!

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