English Monarch Polls – Cast Your Vote

It’s been a while since we finished reviewing all the kings and queens of England but we still frequently receive messages about who should or should not have received the Rex Factor. But when push comes to shove, which monarchs do YOU think deserve the Rex Factor?

Well, now’s your chance to let us know! On the polls tab of this website, we’ve set up individual polls for every monarch we reviewed on Rex Factor (including Oliver Cromwell!) that simply asks whether they deserved the Rex Factor, giving you the option of yes/no/maybe. There’s no deadline for completing the polls and you can complete as many or as few as you like at whatever time suits you. Once we’ve received a decent number of votes, we’ll do a blog update on how you’ve been voting and see whether or not you agree with our decisions!

To find the polls, either click on the “Polls” tab along the top or just click here to go straight there. We’re also doing polls for the Scottish monarchs and adding those once we’ve reviewed them, so please do those as well after you’ve listened to the episode.

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