Ali’s Apology to Edgar the Peaceable

We’ve reviewed a lot of kings and queens on Rex Factor but no decision has attracted more controversy than when Ali denied the Rex Factor to Edgar the Peaceable. However, after years of criticism Ali finally relented when the Rex Factor Privy Council demanded that he apologise to Edgar to atone for this great injustice.



Backgroundy Stuff

Edgar the Peaceable was an Anglo-Saxon king of England from 959-75 and ruled at a time which is often considered the golden age for Saxon England. His borders were secure, the country was free from Viking invasions thanks to his large navy patrolling the coasts and the country was well governed thanks to Edgar’s chief advisor, the indestructible monk, Dunstan. What’s more, he was also good for some scandal, having a penchant for seducing nuns amongst other misdemeanors. His reign climaxed with a magnificent coronation ceremony in 973 followed by his being rowed by several lesser British kings on the River Dee as a sign of his dominance.

However, despite all of this, Ali neglected to give Edgar the Rex Factor, on the basis that he had not done enough invading of other countries and expanding his borders. This was controversial at the time, but little could Ali have imagined that five years later he would still be receiving messages on Facebook, Twitter and emails bemoaning the decision!

The wheels of justice started to turn when Ali (jokingly) suggested that he would do penance for his decision by being flogged by Canterbury monks, in the style of Henry II after the murder of Thomas Becket. However, one of our listeners, Bethany Packard, pointed out that it would be much more appropriate to do something relevant to Edgar, such as to row a representative of Edgar along the river.

The Rex Factor Privy Council

As much as Ali loves any excuse to get onto a boat, it was going to take more than that to persuade him to apologise! Thankfully, the Rex Factor Privy Council stepped in. The “Privy Council” refers to those lovely people who have chosen to make a monthly donation to Rex Factor. Anyone can become a Privy Councillor and the more money you donate, the more wonderful the rewards that are on offer! In addition to rewards for donating, we also set a number of goals for how we will spend the money. One such goal, was to raise enough money to persuade Ali to apologise to Edgar on video and row him on the river.

As it happened, the goal we set proved to be met very easily and very quickly, meaning that Ali was going to have to put right what once went wrong and apologise to Edgar. Sadly, Edgar’s capacity to take part in this ceremony has diminished significantly since he popped his clogs some 1,040 years ago but thankfully we were able to find someone else to step into his place…

Edgar the Peaceable (in the form of Gman!)

Edgar the Peaceable (in the form of Gman!)

Ali’s Apology

And here it is, Ali’s apology to Edgar the Peaceable!

Hopefully now Ali’s crime against Edgar the Peaceable can be forgiven! Thank you so much to everyone who joined the Privy Council and donated money to Rex Factor, your support is wonderful and Ali would not have been rowing a representative of Edgar the Peaceable without you!

Ali and Graham, post-filming!

Ali and Graham, post-filming!

7 thoughts on “Ali’s Apology to Edgar the Peaceable

  1. This was hilarious!! Gman’s scold-y grumbles in the background were hilarious….and now I have the Dunstan jingle stuck in my head again, haha.

  2. I’m a bit late to the party, but well done all! A very kingly performance from Graham and suitably humble from Ali. I myself am a connoisseur of such scenes, having staged many while handing out service awards for the Lute Society of America.
    Her Imperious Highnessness, Caroline, Empress of the known Lute World

  3. One would think that, if a king was supposedly so worthy of the Rex Factor, he would have a bigger boat… It was a fun video though, and I hope you do more! I enjoy seeing the handsome faces behind the words. You’re both great sports. I also am on record as supporting Ali’s original decision.

  4. I’m on record as supporting Ali’s (presumably now former) position on both Edgar and Dunstan, but this is still an amazingly cool little thing to do anyway.

    Gman – you look entirely too comfortable with that sword! And I get the impression you made Ali sit at the wrong end of the boat for rowing, if not abject apologies.

    Ali – well done, proper job!

    Crew – well done for not laughing for long enough to get a clear edit!

    And congratulations, fellow Privy Councillors!

      • I can see how that would undermine the whole apology concept! It works well this way anyway. As well as rowing with slightly more difficulty, when you film him from inside the boat he has to abase himself even further!

        I think I could support you, as Edgar, getting the Rex Factor now. I’m probably still against Edgar as Edgar getting it.

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