How to Access Premium Content

We have recently released our first ever special episode, looking at the Battle of Waterloo – special both because it’s a bumper two hour podcast and also because it’s a paid episode (a bargain at just $1!)

Some users have had difficulties in accessing the episode after purchasing it, so we thought it would be helpful to explain how it’s meant to work:

What was meant to happen was that you buy the track and then Podbean would automatically send you an email with login details for accessing the episode. Unfortunately, this was not happening and consequently people had paid for the episode but still could not access the content.

To get around this problem, we have been emailing people a workable link to the episode that allows playing and downloading of the content, which we do after receiving notification of payment. This is not an automatic process, so please note there might be a delay in receiving the email after purchase.

Obviously manually emailing a link is not sustainable and we have maxed out our allocated number of premium content subscribers on Podbean, which means that we cannot sell any additional premium episodes there and technically you are not meant to be able to purchase the Waterloo episode anymore.

So, we are now exploring alternative arrangements for distributing our premium content so that in future it will be a simple and automatic process that will be quick and easy for all involved. In the meantime, if you still want to purchase our special episode on the Battle of Waterloo (which you definitely should, it’s a lot of fun), then you can still do so buy clicking the button below:

If you’re having any difficulties or have purchased the episode but have not been able to access and use the content then please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible: on Twitter, Facebook or (preferred option) email

1 thought on “How to Access Premium Content

  1. And in case any of you who are not Privy Councillors are wondering – it is most definitely worth paying $1 to listen to this episode. It’s a sheer delight to listen to a nice long episode of almost two hours, and with such a narrow focus Graham gets to really work his history-fu for this episode. Worth every penny!

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