Ali’s Dissertation – Edward I, the Crusades and Welsh Castles (Special Episode)

Something strange and disturbing happened in our latest special episode – Ali took control! For one episode only, Ali and Graham swapped places (physically as well as metaphorically) as Ali took the role of expert. Impressively, Ali even came with lots of research – that research being his university dissertation!


In this special episode, Ali tells us about Edward I’s involvement in the Eighth (or Ninth) Crusade and the influence that this experience would have on his later campaigns in conquering Wales, both in terms of finance and military tactics. Most importantly, however, Ali gets the chance to talk about “military architecture”, or rather “CASTLES!”

A fuller blog will follow, hopefully with some pictures of Ali and Graham in their visits to Edward’s castles in days gone by, but for now, here’s a clip of the start of the section on castles. If you want to hear the whole episode, just click the “Buy Now” button below the audio clip where you can purchase the two hour-plus episode for just $2!

4 thoughts on “Ali’s Dissertation – Edward I, the Crusades and Welsh Castles (Special Episode)

  1. I’ve been looking forward to this it’s fair to say!

    Any ETA on the special arrangements you guys have to make for us Privy Councillors for listening to special episodes?

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