Grand Final

Our Twitter tournament to crown England’s greatest monarch is currently underway. The current poll is the Grand Final in which Athelstan, Henry II, Richard III and Elizabeth I are vying for the title. The poll closes at 12:00 (BST) on Saturday 19 September, so please vote and spread the word!

English Monarchs Twitter Poll

To celebrate ten years of the Rex Factor podcast, we are revisiting our first series covering the English monarchs in the form of a Twitter tournament. Running from Monday 24 August, we will be putting (almost) all the English monarchs to the vote on our Twitter handle @rexfactorpod to see who will be crowned England’s greatest monarch for 2020. Will it be the same outcome as the original series, or will someone else storm to victory?

Read on to find out more about the tournament, the draw, the schedule and how to take part.

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