The Final Journey of Richard III – What You Need to Know

Richard III kept a pretty low profile for the first 527 years after his defeat and death in the Battle of Bosworth in 1485, but since his exhumation in 2012 his diary has been much more active. The next week will see him re-interred at Leicester Cathedral (after which his activity levels will quieten down considerably) so read on to find out what is happening where and when, and how you can follow the all of the events.

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Downton Abbey, George V and the First Labour Government

The fifth series of Downton Abbey began with much discussion about the new Labour Government under the premiership of Ramsay MacDonald (“I feel a shaking of the ground I stand on”). However, what they were not quite so clear about was exactly why this was so momentous or indeed how sudden and unexpected this would have been for people in 1924 (both upstairs and downstairs!) As this was essentially the topic of my dissertation (the politics bit, not Downton Abbey), I couldn’t resist having a say on the matter.

It was bad enough when Carson had to deal with gramophones, never mind socialists...

Carson has heard the news about a Labour government and he doesn’t like what he hears…

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