The long wait is over – finally there is Rex Factor merchandise!

We’re really pleased with our new branding and designs and it’s definitely the kind of thing the more discerning podcast listener needs to have by their side! We’ll be doing some more designs/products next year but there’s already plenty to choose from with our new logo, four of the monarchs, the factors and some of our favourite catchphrases and characters from the first two series of the show.

See if there’s anything you like at our store by following the link below:

Or for the US:

Audible Offer

In our most recent podcast reviewing John Balliol, we let you know about an offer for Rex Factor listeners available with Audible (the leading provider of audiobooks). By following the link below, you can enjoy a free 30-day trial and a free audiobook from their huge range of titles:

By signing up using this link, we get a little bonus from Audible, so this is a free way for you to support the podcast and you get an audiobook of your choice completely free!

Ali is a keen audiobook user and is going to be reviewing his latest listens in the podcast and his first audiobook was “Three Sisters, Three Queens” by Philippa Gregory, focusing on the two sisters of Henry VIII and his first wife, Katherine of Aragon. If you’ve got any audiobook suggestions for Ali then let us know!


Fundraising for Aids Orphan

If you’ve listened to our latest podcast on Alexander I of Scotland (if you haven’t then you can do so here), you’ll know that one of our listeners, Hannah Averill, is doing a three week trek to the base camp of Mount Everest in order to raise money for the charity Aids Orphan. She’s going to be listening to Rex Factor on her journey, which we reckon will be the highest altitude on earth that anyone’s listened to the podcast!

Hannah’s hoping to raise about £3,000 by mid-July and would really appreciate any support that anyone could offer. So, if you’d like to donate to this very worthy cause and help Hannah and Rex Factor get to Everest Base Camp, then please click the link below to visit Hannah’s fundraising page:

Sandi Smith

If you’ve listened to the Indulf episode of Rex Factor then you will have heard the very sad news that one of our long-time listeners, Sandi Smith, has recently passed away. As we mentioned in the podcast, Sandi had a blog (Sandi’s Lament) which focused on a whole variety of subjects, one of which was kings and queens. There are some fascinating articles where she lists some interesting facts about monarchs in history across the world with the shortest, tallest, longest reigning and most (un)fortunate in history. It would be a lovely tribute to Sandi if you could have a look at some of her articles, so we’ve provided a link below which starts you off with a search for mentions of Rex Factor (i.e. some of her articles about monarchs).

Our thoughts are with her family and friends.

Sandi’s Lament Blog

Update on the New Series

It’s been a few months now since we released our last podcast, in which among other things we announced that we would soon be starting a new series reviewing all the kings and queens of Scotland from Kenneth MacAlpin to James VI. However, as you may have noticed, we have not yet started said series and many of you have asked when we will be doing so. So…

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Ask us Anything! (within reason)

In October, we’ll be starting a new series of Rex Factor, reviewing all the kings and queens of Scotland from Kenneth MacAlpin to James VI. Before we move our gaze north of the border, however, we’ll be recording a special retrospective podcast looking back at the first series. To avoid this descending into an hour of Ali talking about Edward I’s Welsh castles, we would like you to send in your questions for us to answer.

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