When we came to the end of the English series, we had spent a good four years working our way through all the monarchs and identified 18 Rex Factor winners. However, we realised that (were this a TV talent show) this would basically mean we’d just finished the opening stages where we’d eliminated all the weird people who couldn’t hold a sword properly and were only really there to give us a good laugh. Now, we needed to finished the job!

So, we set about deciding which of the 18 monarchs was the most Rexy of them all – who would be the ultimate winner of Rex Factor? This involved play-offs with Rex Factor winners compared to one another and the unpredictable perils of a public vote.

That process is now complete, but you can still see how it all unfolded in the English Play-Offs sub-tab (and, of course, listen to the podcasts!) even if you’ve missed your chance to vote. We’re only just beginning our journey through the Scottish monarchs but expect a similar process by the time we get to the end there as well!

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