If you haven’t listened/watched the results yet and don’t want to know, then move quickly away from this page!

We started with 18 monarchs upon whom Graham and Ali bestowed the Rex Factor. These 18 were then split into three groups of six in the first round of the play-offs…

Play Off Draw.001

First Round

The 18 monarchs were split into three groups of six, with the top three in each group going into the semi-finals. To decide who goes through, we embraced democracy with three electoral colleges: Graham, Ali and the rest of the world. In each college, the monarch ranked first would receive six points going down to the sixth placed receiving one point. The three monarchs with the highest combined score went through to the semi-finals.

Group A: Charles II and Edward IV received the same number of points overall but because Charles received more votes from the public, he was placed higher than Edward.

Group B: Henry II and Edward I received the same number of points overall but because Henry received more votes from the public, he was placed higher than Edward.

Group C: Henry V, Victoria and George V were all tied on 11 points, so the final standings were determined by the public vote meaning that George V narrowly missed out on the semi-finals.


Once again, we had three groups but this time there were only three monarchs in each of the groups. Again, the votes of three electoral colleges were combined and the monarch with the highest score in each group progressed to the grand final.

Rex Factor Semi Finals.010


The Grand Final

So this is it – the final three! In contrast to the previous rounds, Graham and Ali forfeited their votes and left it entirely to the public to decide who would be the ultimate winner of the Rex Factor.

And the winner is…

Henry II!!!!


8 thoughts on “Results

  1. Fascinating results but I’m wondering if Ali should be banned from voting in future after that ‘interesting ‘ vote for George V.

    • It was certainly unexpected, particularly given that when we first recorded George V’s original episode Ali said no to him even getting the Rex Factor!

  2. I think it’s surprising that the public got their top three in all three groups (though only due to a tie breaker in C). I assumed Ali and Graham would agree and overwhelm the public vote. Instead, while Graham got his top 2 in each group, poor Ali only got 2 of his 1sts, and 1 each of his 2nds and 3rds.

  3. I will do everything in my power to keep that lazy crazy bad mother Victoria from winning. Even if it means voting for that fat pervert Henry VIII

      • It’s not easy deciding. It’s hard to judge the candidates based on modern moral standards and personal prejudices. I am trying to view them in the light of what was best for Great Britain and who did the most to advance, and foster the society that has contributed so much to the world view of democracy, and global medical breakthroughs. From my point of view that would be George III, John, and George V. I actually like Henry II, except for Thomas Becket which wasn’t entirely his fault he was an effective ruler. I just don’t know if he has what it takes to beat Victoria so I may have to vote for that self serving fat bastard Henry VIII.

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