The Draw

And here it is! The battle lines are drawn for the historic Rex Factor Play Offs. Henry II was last seen running the length of the country, Cnut is trying to make his way across the water in time for battle, and Victoria has noted the date in one of her (many) diaries.

Be sure to tune in to each episode to see how the kings and queens fare against each other, and remember to vote to save your favourite! Details on voting will be provided in each episode and links to all the surveys will be available on the “Voting” page under the Play-Offs tab.

Final Draw.003

6 thoughts on “The Draw

  1. How great is this? Both top seeds in A are out, and all three groups had one of the low seeds (Aethelstan, Elizabeth, Henry V) advance!

  2. It’s a shame that group A is so much stronger than the other 2 groups. I would have 5 of these in my top 9 (just excluding Henry I). Then I’d have Edward I, Elizabeth I from group B and William the Conqueror and Edward III from group C. Still that’s the way it goes so Ill having to struggle to work out which 2 I will leave out from group A when I vote. Having listened to the podcast I think it will be Edward IV and Charles II. Both those Saxon Kings deserve to stay and how can you lose Henry VIII at this early stage?

    • He showed real courage and determination, it was a close call with George VI, but George v had so many crises and so often had to be personally involved – so many other monarchies fell in that period, G5 must take some of the credit!

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