Who’s Who – Edward III

The Royals

Edward III – the king!

Philippa of Hainault – the queen consort

The Black Prince (Edward Woodstock) – the eldest son of the king and a great warrior in his own right

The Old Guard

Edward II – the previous king (and father), deposed (and probably murdered) in 1327

Isabella of France – the queen mother, who conspired with her lover, Roger Mortimer, to overthrow her husband, Edward II

Roger Mortimer – a powerful Marcher Lord who escaped the Tower of London in the reign of Edward II, fleeing to France where he met and fell in love with Isabella and brought about the downfall of Edward II. In the minority of Edward III, he increases his power and starts to threaten to take the crown for himself

Earl of Kent (Edmund of Woodstock) – the king’s uncle, who is caught out by a rumour that the previous king is still alive

The King’s Men

William Montague (1st Earl of Salisbury) – Edward’s closest companion as a young man who led a daring raid to free Edward III from Mortimer’s clutches

Duke of Lancaster (Henry Grosmont) – Edward’s right-hand man in the glory years of the Hundred Years War, a renowned soldier and statesman

Sir Walter Manny – heroic and professional soldier, whose adventures in the French campaigns prove highly entertaining

Sir Thomas Holland – another heroic knight who serves Edward faithfully in the wars

The Scottish

Robert the Bruce – legendary King of Scotland whose great reign is coming to an end

David II (Bruce) – son of Robert the Bruce and the new Scottish King, who struggles to replicate his father’s success against the English

Edward Balliol – pretender to the Scottish throne, who despite the support of Edward III is unable to establish himself as ruler

The French

Charles IV – the last of the Capetian dynasty, whose death in 1328 without a male heir creates the cause for the Hundred Years War

Philip VI – successor to Charles IV and the first of the new Valois dynasty, who has a large and renowned army at his disposal but finds Edward III a mightier foe than his predecessors

John II – successor to Philip VI who fares little better than his father against the English

Charles V – successor to John II, who reorganises France’s administration and military after twenty years of disarray and seeks to regain the territory lost to Edward III

The Rest

Alice Perrers – Edward III’s notorious mistress in his later years, whose political influence leads to a parliamentary stand-off

Peter de la Mere – first Speaker of the (House of) Commons, who speaks against Alice Perrers and other ministers in the Good Parliament of 1376