Who’s Who – Edward VI

A guide to the key names in the Edward VI podcast episode:

The Royal Family

Edward VI – the King!

Mary – Edward’s oldest sister, who earns his wrath by sticking to her Catholic faith.

Elizabeth – Edward’s second oldest sister.

Catherine Parr – Henry VIII’s six wife and Edward’s mother-in-law, but Edward’s only maternal figure.

Lady Jane Grey – Edward’s cousin, who has very little to do with anything until Edward starts writing his will.

The Dead (featured in previous episodes but relevant to this one too!)

Henry VIII – Edward’s father, who moved Heaven and earth to get a son.

Jane Seymour – Edward’s mother and Henry VIII’s third wife, who died just 12 days after giving birth to Edward.

Charles Brandon (Duke of Suffolk) – Henry VIII’s best friend and grandfather of Lady Jane Grey.

Mary Tudor – Henry VIII’s younger sister and wife of Charles Brandon, so giving Lady Jane Grey her royal blood.

Chief Ministers

Edward Seymour/Earl Hertford/Duke of Somerset – Edward’s oldest uncle and the Lord Protector

Thomas Seymour/Lord Sudley – Edward’s second uncle, whose rivalry with Somerset caused faction at court.

John Dudley/Earl Warwick/Duke of Northumberland – Came to be the dominant figure at court (though never Protector)

Thomas Cranmer – Archbishop of Canterbury who pushed through radical Protestant reforms

Stephen Cardiner – Bishop of Winchester and a Catholic, who was imprisoned for his troubles

Thomas Wriothesley – a conservative figure who failed to take control at court

Foreign Rivals

Mary Queen of Scots – only a toddler, but at one stage betrothed to Edward, leading to Somerset invading Scotland.

Henri II – the King of France

Charles V – the Holy Roman Emperor and the King of Spain (also the cousin of Edward’s sister, Mary)