Who’s Who – Mary I

The key names from the Mary I podcast episode:

The Royal Family

Mary I – the Queen!

Elizabeth – Mary’s younger (Protestant) sister, the daughter of Mary’s nemesis, Anne Boleyn, and thus a source of suspicion for Mary.

Philip – Mary’s husband, the son of Charles V and so heir to the kingdom of Spain and the Holy Roman emperor in waiting.

Charles V – Mary’s (much older) cousin and Philip’s father, the King of Spain and Holy Roman Emperor.

The Dead (featured in previous episodes but relevant to this one too!)

Henry VIII – Mary’s father, who makes her life something of a misery when he divorces her mother and declares her illegitimate, and yet remains a doting father (as long as plays by his rules!)

Katherine of Aragon – Mary’s mother and Henry VIII’s first wife. She and Mary had a very close relationship but were kept apart once Henry married Anne Boleyn.

Anne Boleyn – Henry VIII’s second wife, with whom Mary shares a mutual antipathy.

Jane Seymour – Henry VIII’s third wife who is friendly with Mary and supports her return to Henry’s affections.

Catherine Parr – Henry VIII’s sixth wife, who despite being Protestant was good friends with Mary and helped restore her to the Succession.

Edward VI – Mary’s younger brother and the son of Jane Seymour. Although a young king he was an arch Protestant and clashed with Mary over her continued hearing of Mass.

The Grey/Dudley Faction

Lady Jane Grey – The granddaughter of Henry VIII’s younger sister, Mary Tudor, and best friend, Charles Brandon. A well educated teenage Protestant and cousin of Edward, Mary and Elizabeth, she was named as Edward’s heir.

John Dudley (Duke of Northumberland) – the most powerful man at court under Edward VI and father-in-law of Lady Jane Grey, he tried to prevent Mary becoming queen.

Henry Grey (Duke of Suffolk) – Jane’s father, who with Northumberland pushes his daughter to take the throne.

Guildford Dudley – One of Northumberland’s sons, who marries Jane a few months before Edward VI’s death.

Robert Dudley – Another Northumberland son, who led the initial failed sortie to capture Mary before she could raise an army.

Chief Ministers

Stephen Gardiner – Bishop of Winchester, imprisoned under Edward VI for his opposition to Cranmer’s Protestant reforms but released by Mary and became one of her chief advisors.

Cardinal Reginald Pole – a Plantagenet, exiled by Henry VIII for opposing his Supremacy but returned to become Mary’s chief advisor.

Thomas Howard (Duke of Norfolk) – The victor of the Battle of Flodden in 1513, now an octogenarian released by Mary after 6 years imprisonment.

The Rebels

Thomas Wyatt – Son of the famous poet, led a rebellion in opposition to Mary’s marriage to Philip posing a serious threat when he marched on London.

Henry Dudley – Distant cousin of Northumberland, plotted a failed rebellion and remained in exile.

Thomas Stafford – Descendent of the Dukes of Buckingham. His brief capture of Scarborough castle fizzled out as an unsupported rebellion, but led to England joining Spain in war against France.