Who’s Who – Edward IV

A guide to the key names in the Edward IV episode:

The Royal Family (the Yorkists)

Edward IV – the King!

Elizabeth Woodville – Edward’s beautiful but ‘common’ bride. Her marriage to Edward and the subsequent promotion of her family cause serious rifts during and following Edward’s reign.

George, Duke of Clarence – Edward’s upstart and power-hungry brother who causes no end of mischief.

Richard, Duke of Gloucester – Edward’s youngest brother who at this point is a loyal and dedicated member of the Yorkist clan.

The Dead (featured in previous episodes but relevant to this one too!)

Richard, Duke of York – Edward IV’s father. Made a claim to the throne but was killed at the Battle of Wakefield in 1460.

Edmund of Rutland – Edward IV’s first brother, also killed at Wakefield.

The Neville Family

Warwick the Kingmaker (Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick) – the classic overmighty subject. Initially Edward’s strongest supporter but they fall out in a big way after Edward’s marriage to Elizabeth Woodville.

Montagu (John Neville) – brother of the Kingmaker and initially Earl of Northumberland before being made Marquess of Montagu. Helped defeat the Lancastrians in northern England but would ultimately side with his brother over Edward.

George Neville – Archbishop of York and Chancellor to Edward until replaced by a Woodville, much to Warwick’s irritation.

The Lancastrians

Henry VI – the former king who struggles to control his kingdom but manages briefly to return to the throne when Edward IV is exiled by Warwick.

Margaret of Anjou – Henry VI’s wife and effective leader of the Lancastrian forces who makes an alliance with Warwick when Edward IV is at his weakest.

Prince Edward – Henry and Margaret’s son and the last of the royal Lancastrian line.

The French

Louis XI – cunning French king known as the “universal spider” who engineers the alliance between Warwick and Margaret and continues to cause Edward problems.

The Tudors

Not heavily featured this week, but they’re worth keeping in the back of your minds!

Jasper Tudor – former Earl of Pembroke and one of the last great Lancastrian leaders. Survived Mortimer’s Cross and went into exile in Brittany in 1471.

Lady Margaret Beaufort – the last major descendant of the royal Beaufort line (via John of Gaunt). Is quiet and loyal during Edward’s reign, but should not be forgotten!

Henry Tudor – Margaret Beaufort’s only son. Although a teenager exiled in Brittany with his uncle, Henry is the last potential Lancastrian claimant to the throne.