When we review the monarchs for Rex Factor, we assess each king and queen and give them a score out of 20 (10 each) for the following three factors:

  • Battleyness – how good they were at winning battles and expanding/defending their territories
  • Scandal – their ability to commit nefarious deeds (murder and naughty bedroom antics are always welcome)
  • Subjectivity – would you want to be a subject, i.e. how good a ruler they are in terms of maintaining order, justice, culture, etc.

We then have two factual factors which we turn into a multiple of 20 by taking the biggest score of the series and making that the maximum score:

  • Longevity – how many years they ruled for
  • Dynasty – how many legitimate, surviving children they leave behind

In theory, this would create a total score of 100 but we’re yet to have anyone get anywhere near that! Our final consideration is, of course, whether the monarchs have the Rex Factor and while a monarch who scores highly overall is likely to have a good chance in this final category it is still a separate consideration. So a monarch who did spectacularly well at one thing or just had that certain something even if they didn’t necessarily achieve an awful lot can still get the Rex Factor. Likewise, someone who boring occupies the throne for a long time with lots of children and moderate achievements can’t just get to a certain score and win by default!

Click here to access the scores for the English monarchs.

Click here to access the scores for the Scottish monarchs.

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