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Rex Factor is a free podcast but we do incur a number of costs in researching, producing and hosting the podcast. So, if you’d like to show your appreciate and support the podcast we’d be extremely grateful! And this is how you can do it:

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If you’d like to make a regular donation, then you can do so by making a monthly pledge (essentially a voluntary subscription) and join the Rex Factor Privy Council. Everyone who signs up gets access to our Privy Chamber and Rexflix episodes as well as pub quizzes, the Special Episodes level gives you free access to all our 2 hour special episodes while the Star Chamber gets to commission future special episodes as well as getting an extra Star Chamber podcast.

To join the Privy Council, sign up here on our Patreon page:

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If you want to help out but don’t have the money to spare to donate then we would really appreciate you spreading the word and telling anyone you think might be interested in us that they should check us out. In particular, leaving a review on iTunes helps to increase our visibility in one of the main places where people access podcasts. If you have any suggestions on how we could do more on this front then please get in touch!

14 thoughts on “Support the Podcast

  1. Hi guys,
    I learned of Rex Factor from another podcast & now I’ve abandoned all others. I’m starting George III today. That must seem an age so to you, but your work lives on! I’m American, & love Graham’s understatements & Ali’s interjections. To quote the latter, you guys are brilliant!
    Thanks for enlivening my commute every single day

  2. Hello Ghram and Ali!!!! I heard about your podcast from another history podcast Vulgar History which highlights badie women throughout English history and the host gave y’all a shout out and I’ve been hooked since the first episode and haven’t stopped listening! I now find myself saying “crumbs” in my head. Thanks so much for all the entertainment and knowledge.

  3. Hi Rex Factor! A big fan here; was wondering: as a Brit, can I become a patron? Many thanks for all the laughs, whatever you say.

  4. I feel like I hit the jackpot finding your podcast. I have binged my way up to the play-offs in season one, and am seriously considering trying out “Crumbs!” to replace my normal default exclamations. (That’s a lie – I could never pull off a Crumbs. My friends and family would take it as a sign of a brain injury if I stepped away from my usual potty mouth standards). Anyway, as a long time history buff, I love your show and the depth of your knowledge. I’m looking forward to catching up on all of the other episodes soon too. Thanks for your hard work (and btw, I also loved the cartoon version on Richard III – good call on nixing the rex for III)!

  5. I’d like to put my vote in for a Lady Jane Grey episode. I was absolutely gutted that she didn’t get her own episode. Based on scandal alone, I’m surprised that Ali didn’t put in a good fight for this one. I’m supposing then, for my vote to count, I’d have to join the $15/month privy council?

    Kelsey Ingram

    • Hi Kelsey. Yes, we might one day pick our own special episode topics and put it out for a vote between a few choices but at the moment we have a good number of requests from the $15 a month privy councillors. No one has requested her yet (though there are a couple yet to confirm a topic) so the best way to get a special episode on her would be either to try to convince prospective privy councillors that she’d be a great topic or, as you say, to sign up for the top level amount and request her yourself.

      I agree, though, she would make for an excellent episode – I remember when we didn’t do her Ali saying that she would presumably be a very short episode but having covered her a little in Mary I’s episode I know that you could easily go into a lot of detail into her short life and ‘reign’, so definitely plenty to get our teeth stuck into!

  6. Hi

    Love the podcast and want to give you a monthly contribution but put off my transaction charges for dollars (I’m a Brit). Any chance you could set up PayPal payments? The BHP (British History Podcast ) does this and it works really well. Thanks!

    • Hi Joanne,

      Thanks for the feedback. I’ll make enquiries about being able to choose the currency for the payment – the crowdfunding is a new thing that Podbean (who host the podcast) have recently introduced so I’ve not really had much chance to explore it yet beyond the initial set-up. I’ll provide an update once I’ve heard back from them!

    • Hello, just providing an update, it looks like it is just going to be in USD for now – apparently this makes for a better exchange rate but I guess the main reason is it’s easier for them!

    • Hello, just letting you know that we’ve now set up a new PayPal button which does allow you to do monthly payments as well as one-off payments. We’d prefer our monthly donations to be via the Crowdfunding as it’s easier to keep track of, but if you want to do it via PayPal then that’s now an option – might help to let us know if that’s what you’re doing just in case we miss it and think it’s a one-off!

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