Ali on BBC Essex

Ali was on the radio in June speaking to Tony Fisher of BBC Essex about Rex Factor – The Animated Show alongside Tom from Tinmouse Animation Studio. For anyone who wasn’t able to listen at the time, we’ve now got the audio of that interview available below. Enjoy!

Ali after his radio appearance alongside Tom (R) from Tinmouse, with Tony Fisher (L) of BBC Essex

Ali’s Dissertation – Edward I, the Crusades and Welsh Castles (Special Episode)

Something strange and disturbing happened in our latest special episode – Ali took control! For one episode only, Ali and Graham swapped places (physically as well as metaphorically) as Ali took the role of expert. Impressively, Ali even came with lots of research – that research being his university dissertation!


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Ali’s Apology to Edgar the Peaceable

We’ve reviewed a lot of kings and queens on Rex Factor but no decision has attracted more controversy than when Ali denied the Rex Factor to Edgar the Peaceable. However, after years of criticism Ali finally relented when the Rex Factor Privy Council demanded that he apologise to Edgar to atone for this great injustice.



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