Duncan II (1094)

The death of Malcolm III in 1093 led to something of a succession crisis, with Donalbain taking the throne of his elder brother in place of Malcolm’s many sons. In 1094, Duncan II was the first of Malcolm’s sons to make war on uncle Donalbain, but would he be able to keep the old man off the throne? Listen to his episode here or read on for more information.

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Donald III (Donalbain) – 1093-97

In 1093, Scotland seemed to have put its dynastic divisions behind it, but despite having had a long and stable reign, as well as a large number of sons, Malcolm III’s surprise death led to a chaotic period of internal conflict, largely thanks to his younger brother and immediately successor, Donald III (known in Shakespeare’s Macbeth as Donalbain). However, Malcolm’s sons would not sit back and let their uncle rest on his laurels and they had the advantage of enjoying the support of the English king, William Rufus.

To find out more about Donald III, you can listen to his episode here or read on to find out more.

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