Longevity Top 10: The Longest Reigns in English History

As of about 17:30 today (9 September 2015), Queen Elizabeth II becomes the longest reigning monarch in British history. To mark her achievement, we take a look at the top 10 reigns in English history and see how the Queen compares to her (not always) illustrious predecessors.

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The Grand Final Results

After four years of podcasting, we have finally come to the end of the series and are ready to reveal your favourite royal dynasty and to crown the Rex Factor champion. Alfred the Great, Henry II and Elizabeth I were the three finalists and the winner was decided entirely by the public vote. Read on to find out who will forever wear the Rex Factor crown…

[Warning: Spoilers!]

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Vote Elizabeth!

With just a week to go before voting closes in the Grand Final of Rex Factor, who do you think deserves to be crowned the Rex Factor champion? We’ve already give you reasons to vote for Alfred the Great, and Henry II but if you are still to cast your vote then you should give serious consideration to the Tudor Queen – Elizabeth I.

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The Grand Final – Vote for the Rex Factor Champion!

After four years of reviewing all the kings and queens of England from Alfred the Great to Elizabeth II, we are finally at an end. There were 18 monarchs awarded the Rex Factor but the play-offs have seen various legends fall away and now just three monarchs remain: Alfred the Great, Henry II and Elizabeth I. However, only one can be crowned the Rex Factor champion – read on for a summary of the final three and then click the link to vote for who you think should win Rex Factor – the deadline for voting is Thursday 31 July.

Click here to choose the Rex Factor Champion.

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Semi-Final Results

The battle to reach the grand final has been hard fought but now the day of reckoning is upon us. Alfred the Great, Athelstan, Henry II, Edward I, Edward III, Henry V, Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, Victoria: nine monarchs, but only three will make it through to the final. To find out the results, watch the video or click for the stats but beware – spoilers!

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Semi-Finals – Last Chance to Vote!

The voting for the Semi-Finals of the Rex Factor play-offs is nearly finished – you have until the close of play on Thursday 12 June to cast your vote for the three monarchs who you think should make it through to the final. If you’re not sure who to vote for and don’t have time to listen to the three play-off episodes, here’s a quick guide to the 9 monarchs competing for a place in the final as well as links to all the surveys.

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Semi-Final B – Vote Now!

In the second of the three play-off contests, two of England’s most successful warrior kings (Athelstan and Henry V) take on one of its most iconic (Elizabeth I) but only one monarch can make it through to the Grand Final. Read on for more information about the three contenders and how you can influence the outcome!

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Group B – Vote Now!

The second play-off group is open for voting! Doing battle in Group B are Cnut, Henry II, Richard the Lionheart, Edward I, Elizabeth I and William III. Read on for a quick introduction to the six contenders and details on how you can vote to decide the outcome.

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The Rex Factor Hopefuls

There were 18 monarchs to receive the Rex Factor and who are now competing for the Rex Factor crown. Each of them has their own dedicated podcast but as a quick (re)introduction, here’s a guide to England’s greatest monarchs and their greatest achievements:
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