What a Way to Go – Top 10 Deaths of English Kings

In a recent episode of Scottish Rex Factor, we encountered one of the most elaborate deaths suffered by any of the monarchs we have covered. Inspired by this, we decided to have a look at the ten weirdest and not-so-wonderful ways in which the English monarchs have seen their reigns come to an unfortunate end.

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Downton Abbey, George V and the First Labour Government

The fifth series of Downton Abbey began with much discussion about the new Labour Government under the premiership of Ramsay MacDonald (“I feel a shaking of the ground I stand on”). However, what they were not quite so clear about was exactly why this was so momentous or indeed how sudden and unexpected this would have been for people in 1924 (both upstairs and downstairs!) As this was essentially the topic of my dissertation (the politics bit, not Downton Abbey), I couldn’t resist having a say on the matter.

It was bad enough when Carson had to deal with gramophones, never mind socialists...

Carson has heard the news about a Labour government and he doesn’t like what he hears…

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Group C – Vote Now!

The third and final first round tie of the play-offs is now live. Doing battle in Group C are William the Conqueror, Edward III, Henry V, William IV, Victoria and George V. Read on for a quick introduction to the six contenders and details on how you can vote to decide the outcome.

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The Rex Factor Hopefuls

There were 18 monarchs to receive the Rex Factor and who are now competing for the Rex Factor crown. Each of them has their own dedicated podcast but as a quick (re)introduction, here’s a guide to England’s greatest monarchs and their greatest achievements:
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