Semi-Final A – Vote Now!

With the first round now complete, we move into the Semi-Finals of the Rex Factor play-offs. Semi-Final A could prove to be one of the most keenly fought battles with the top seed, Henry II, up against two of the most iconic monarchs in Henry VIII and Queen Victoria. Read on for more information about the three contenders and how you can influence the outcome!

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Group B – Vote Now!

The second play-off group is open for voting! Doing battle in Group B are Cnut, Henry II, Richard the Lionheart, Edward I, Elizabeth I and William III. Read on for a quick introduction to the six contenders and details on how you can vote to decide the outcome.

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The Rex Factor Hopefuls

There were 18 monarchs to receive the Rex Factor and who are now competing for the Rex Factor crown. Each of them has their own dedicated podcast but as a quick (re)introduction, here’s a guide to England’s greatest monarchs and their greatest achievements:
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