Scottish Play-Offs: Group C

The third and final first-round group in the Scottish Play-Offs sees the first monarch, Kenneth MacAlpin, pitted against the very last, James VI. James faces the daunting prospect of competing against his own mother, Mary Queen of Scots, while amidst all these famous names the top seed is actually Alexander II. Click here to listen to the podcast episode for Group C, or read on for a quick summary on the four monarchs. If you know who you want to vote for then click the link to the survey below:

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Scottish Play-Offs: Group C Voting

Our third play-off group is now live, meaning that you have a chance to vote! Click here to listen to the podcast episode for Group B where we compare Kenneth MacAlpin, Alexander II, Mary Queen of Scots and James VI. If you already know who you want to vote for, the link to the survey is just below:

Scottish Play-Offs

We now HAVE reviewed all the kings and queens of Scots from Kenneth MacAlpin to James VI and it is time to find out which one of them will be crowned the Scottish Rex Factor champion. As with our first series, we are playing all the Rex Factor winners off against each other in a public vote to pick the overall winner. Read on to find out who is in contention, how the play-offs will work and for the play-off draw. Or, listen to the play-off draw podcast episode here where we explain everything and make the play-off draw live (at the time).

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Giric and/or Eochaid

The assassination of King Aed in 878 suggested that the Scottish kingdom was in turmoil after a decade of Viking raids but even the chroniclers seem to have been confused about what happened next. Was Giric king? Or was it Eochaid? Or maybe both! We take a look at what was going on and try to work out who was really king. Listen to the podcast episode here or read on for more information.

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Donald I

Second comes right after first! Donald I was the second King of Scots, following in his brothers illustrious footsteps, but would he be able to make his mark in the annals of Scottish history? Read on to find out more or listen to the podcast here.

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Kenneth MacAlpin

Kenneth MacAlpin is traditionally seen as the first King of Scots, unifying the northern kingdoms against the Vikings and establishing a new nation in the process. However, the truth is a little more nuanced and involves a host of disputed events including warfare, skulduggery, lost animals and a curious smell of fish. So, just who was Kenneth MacAlpin and does he have the Rex Factor? Read our latest blog to find out and vote in our poll to give your verdict.

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