Choose the Monarch! Rex Factor the Animated Show V2!

It’s almost one year to the day since we released Rex Factor the Animated Show, a collaboration with Tinmouse Animation in which we made an animated version of Rex Factor reviewing King Richard III. Lots of people have been asking us if we’re making some more and we’re about to apply for funding to make a second edition! However, the big question is which monarch will we be doing next time? Well, the decision is all yours! We’ve made a shortlist of four queens for you to choose from. The deadline for voting is Friday 13 September 2019, so you’ve just got one week to decide! To vote, click the link below, or if you want to know more about the choices then click to read more.

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Ali Goes to Bosworth

During our successful Kickstarter campaign for Rex Factor the Animated Show, Ali took the brand new Rex Factor camera and went to the re-enactment of the Battle of Bosworth, where Richard III met his end at the hands of Henry VII. In these two videos, Ali watches the re-enactment, tries his hand at jousting and meets some fascinating people including Phil Stone, chair of the Richard III Society, and even the rival kings themselves!

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Ali on BBC Essex

Ali was on the radio in June speaking to Tony Fisher of BBC Essex about Rex Factor – The Animated Show alongside Tom from Tinmouse Animation Studio. For anyone who wasn’t able to listen at the time, we’ve now got the audio of that interview available below. Enjoy!

Ali after his radio appearance alongside Tom (R) from Tinmouse, with Tony Fisher (L) of BBC Essex