Results of all the Twitter polls will be published here when available.

Preliminary Round

Preliminary 1Edward the Confessor (63.3%)Eadwig (22.4%)Harold Harefoot (14.4%)
Preliminary 2Eadred (52%)Henry VI (29.1%)Edward the Martyr (18.9%)
Preliminary 3Edward VI (54.8%)Edward V (28.1%)Edward VIII (17.1%)
Preliminary 4Edmund Ironside (84%)Harthacnut (16%)N/A


Quarter-Final 1Henry II (62.8%)Henry V (29.8%)George I (4.7%)John (2.7%)
Quarter-Final 2Charles II (55.5%)Henry I (31.5%)Æthelred the Unready (9.4%)Charles I (3.7%)
Quarter-Final 3William the Conqueror (44.4%)William Rufus (23.3%)Edward the Elder (20.6%)Edward the Confessor (11.7%)
Quarter-Final 4Elizabeth I (73.3%)Edward IV (15.3%)George VI (7%)Edmund I (4.4%)
Quarter-Final 5Henry VIII (50.6%)George III (21.3%)Sweyn Forkbeard (19.1%)Henry III (9%)
Quarter-Final 6Henry VII (46.8%)George V (24.8%)Harold Godwinson (24%)Edward VI (4.3%)
Quarter-Final 7Richard III (44.5%)Victoria (37.2%)William & Mary (15.5%)James II (2.8%)
Quarter-Final 8Alfred the Great (63.2%)Edgar the Peaceable (23.8%)Mary I (8.3%)Edward II (4.7%)
Quarter-Final 9Edmund Ironside (38.6%)Richard the Lionheart (30.9%)George II (20.3%)Richard II (10.1%)
Quarter-Final 10Athelstan (57.5%)Edward I (27.6%)Anne (8.6%)Edward VII (6.3%)
Quarter-Final 11Edward III (58.7%)James I (19.6%)William IV (19%)Stephen (2.6%)
Quarter-Final 12Cnut (64.2%)Henry IV (16.6%)George IV (11.6%)Eadred (7.7%)


Semi-Final1Henry II (53%)Charles II (26%)William the Conqueror (21%)
Semi-Final 2Elizabeth I (78.8%)Henry VII (13.6%)Henry VIII (7.7%)
Semi-Final 3Richard III (48.5%)Alfred the Great (47.9%)Edmund Ironside (3.6%)
Semi-Final 4Athelstan (43.3%)Edward III (40.7%)Cnut (16%)