Welcome to Rex Factor!

Hello and welcome to Rex Factor, where we review all the kings and queens of England from Alfred the Great to Elizabeth II in a fun podcast.

Although the podcast has been going for some years, we’ve not really had a proper site or blogged before, so now that we’ve finished reviewing the monarchs, we thought we’d atone for our previous inaction and put finger to keyboard! We’re going to develop a more permanent base in future but for now, this is our new home.

And it’s an exciting time for us, as well, because we’re about to embark on the final part of this podcast series. After reviewing all the monarchs of England we identified 18 star rulers who had what we call the Rex Factor. Rather than let them all enjoy their shared glory, we decided we needed to establish who is the greatest of them all and have a competition in which one monarch will be crowned the Rex Factor champion.

We’ll be posting a lot more about this very soon, so stay tuned for more details about the play-offs and the 18 Rex Factor winners set to do battle in the tournament that will cast the definitive word on royal history!

If you haven’t come across us before, have a look on the “About” tab for more information about the podcast or alternatively just take the plunge and download the Rex Factor podcast from iTunes or http://rexfactor.podbean.com

5 thoughts on “Welcome to Rex Factor!

  1. Your podcast is highly informative and highly entertaining.
    I wonder if you would consider doing a ‘special’ one-off on King Arthur ?

  2. Can’t wait to see who comes out on top! Just finished Richard III so I have to work hard to catch up. I think better of Richard than you guys did, and I’m not even a lady novelist… speaking of which, have you read “Daughter of Time” by Josephine Tey? A police inspector passes the time while in the hospital, in reviewing all the evidence concerning the princes in the tower and concludes that it had to be Henry Tudor (who of course wouldn’t have TOLD his wife that he did away with her brothers even if he did…).

    • Haven’t read it but am aware of it and you’re not the first to ask – maybe after the playoffs! We weren’t too harsh on him – acknowledged his virtues and some good work done but as king it was pretty unsuccessful as reigns go…

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