Update on the New Series

It’s been a few months now since we released our last podcast, in which among other things we announced that we would soon be starting a new series reviewing all the kings and queens of Scotland from Kenneth MacAlpin to James VI. However, as you may have noticed, we have not yet started said series and many of you have asked when we will be doing so. So…

Partly this is because the Ali half of the podcast has been insanely busy helping to launch the new Germany: Memories of a Nation exhibit at the British Museum (more details available here) and so has more or less been living there for the last couple of months. Think The Night at the Museum with Ali in the Ben Stiller role exclaiming “Crikey Moses!” whenever a Volkswagon Beetle starts talking to him and that’s pretty much it.

In addition, long-time listeners will recall that a little over a year ago the Ali half of the podcast had a rather nasty cycling accident (as revealed here – though to summarise in three words: face>ground>splat). Thankfully, all the kings horses and all the kings men were able to put Ali together again (also some pretty impressive work by surgeons helped out here) and he was able to continue podcasting after a few months. In fact, he’s now recovered so well that he’s able to start having a bit more surgery to finish off the job. However, this will mean that he’s going to be out for a bit recovering from this, after which we’re getting into the Christmas period when even the Graham half of the podcast tends to be busy doing things other than researching the next podcast.

So, basically the message is that we are still going to be doing the Scottish monarchs but this might not be until December or January – once Ali is on the mend, the festive season is over and we’ll have time to get started properly. However, fear not because there will still be Rex Factor stuff to enjoy. I’m going to be blogging more regularly on this website, so please do follow us and keep coming back to see new articles and features here, and once Ali is back on the mend we’ll see if there’s anything else we can provide before we start on the Scots in earnest.

19 thoughts on “Update on the New Series

  1. Currently listening to the Elizabeth II review episode and finding out that I have a whole new set of monarchs to look forward to listening to.

    And super close to Elizabeth overtaking Victoria for reignal longevity.

  2. Loved listening to Rex Factor and am waiting with bated breath for the Scottish version.

    I’ve been so inspired by the format I’m thinking of ripping it off (…er, I mean adapting it) to review Napoleon’s Marshals in my very own podcast series. With due credit to the Rex Factor team, of course!

  3. Having just discovered the podcast I was already stressing out at having only another 30 to go. I checked out the James Stuart ep so I know my fine nations history is in safe hands. Damn was he eloquent.

  4. Miss you both. Great show. I’m Norwegian, but lived in Scotland as a kid, so I’m excited about the next series. Expecting some Norwegian Vikings – less Danes!

  5. I’ll be waiting patiently for the new podcasts. It’s good to know Ali is nearly recovered from his accident. Hope he recovers quickly from this last surgery and you both have a wonderful holiday season.

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